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A new door to the future that BABAK opens for you to prepare everything your company needs anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. An entire team of experts always helps you to establish and manage your company in the UAE through a unique and distinctive set of services. Get ready for a distinguished future for your company.
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BABAK offers you a variety of Features

Instant Notifications Service

Immediate notification of all changes that occur to your company, employees or their relatives.
It makes it easy for you to keep track of the periodic details of your company's detailed reports about files, employees, and relatives.

  • Integration System for Immediate First Notice of All Changes Your company .
  • Employees or relatives easy to manage .
  • Follow up on your company's periodic details.

Detailed reports about Files, Employees K Relatives

Detailed reports on all sponsored persons and employee's relative to know the expiry dates of their residency and their legal status within the Emirates.

  • A refined detailed reporting system that makes it easy for you to know the most accurate details about your company.
  • Collect data and information about the company's activity Its financial movement and analysis of all data .
  • Detailed reports on staff performance The legal situation of staff and their families .

Complete Follow ups on all Financial Transactions

An integrated accounting system for your company through which you can follow all financial transactions, incoming and outgoing, and financial analyzes for your company Electronic Wallet.

  • Integrated accounting system for your company Through which you can follow all financial transactions Outgoing.
  • Incoming and financial analysis of your company.

Electronic Wallet

From now on, all your company's financial transactions will be in one place Transfers, salaries and many more

  • From now all financial transactions of your company will be in one place only .
  • Remittances and payroll system and many other economic transactions .

Payments Using Visa, Bank Transactions K Cash

You will not find a problem paying for the site We provide you with cash, visa or bank transfers

  • You will have no problem paying for the site .
  • We provide you with cash or visa payment Or through bank transfers .

24/7 Technical Support

You can contact the site's technical support around the clock .

  • Whatever problem you face in BABAK system To create, establish and manage companies You can communicate with the site's technical support at any time .
  • We are next to you 24 hours a day .

about us

BABAK will be with you from your beginning

BABAK is not just a company incorporation site When you subscribe to BABAK, you can enjoy a perfect system for your company It begins with establishing, incorporating, and ending government procedures Through an integrated system for managing employee and sponsored files and providing legal advice and create an electronic wallet for the company customers management, suppliers and all company files.

CRM System


BABAK corporate management system offers many and varied services. It helps you create and establish your company, as well as finalize government procedures. An integrated system for managing the files of staff and sponsors Managing all company files in addition to the company's e-wallet and legal advice. .

Setting up & Registering Companies

BABAK assists you in all company establishment procedures and provides you with periodic consulting to establish and start your company on solid ground.

Managing Company Files

BABAK helps you manage all your company files Accounts, human resources, management of new projects, as well as legal files.

Managing Employees Files

Organizing your company's personnel and human resources files is very important. It helps you evaluate employees easily and know all the details about the process of working within the company.

Managing Relatives Files

It is important to follow the files of the sponsored and the employees' relatives to see their legal position within the UAE Through BABAK you can easily follow the sponsored files.

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